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Access Databases Built For You


Why was ADB 4 U Ltd created?

ADB 4 U Ltd was created because we identified a genuine need for smarter processes in small to medium businesses. 

In most cases business processes were created using the tools available at the time.  These processes may have been passed from employee to employee without the process being reviewed.  As businesses have grown or as more requirements are added to the process, the process often becomes cumbersome.  

In general, most businesses have data stored in multiple places and are duplicating the effort to maintain or provide information.  

Streamlining these processes will save you  money and time and allow your staff to do more meaningful tasks.


What will we do?
ADB 4 U Ltd can:
  • Review your manual business processes to see if they can be automated
  • Review your existing automated processes to see if they can be redesigned to work smarter
  • Build an Access Database based on your requirements
  • Review and update existing Access Databases
  • Provide Helpdesk support for the applications including running due to Staff Absences
  • Save you money by eliminating manual processes


What will you get?
ADB 4 U Ltd will provide:
  • A written quote for the work
  • An Application to fit your requirements
  • A Design Document that details how the Application was built in an understandable format
  • A User Manual for the Application
  • Training to Users for the Application
  • Ongoing Support for the Application


What have we done?
ADB 4 U Ltd has recently completed:

A Rostering system 

  • A fortnightly roster system that maintains Staff looking after Clients 
  • Takes into account Regional Holidays, Alternate Holidays, Public Holidays and Staff or Clients on leave
  • Integrity reports identifying no coverage, duplicate coverage
  • Timesheets generated for e-mailing or posting to the Staff member
  • Reports for external agencies 

An Applicant Tracking system

  • Tracks applicants through the full process
  • Provides external agencies with periodic reports automatically
  • E-mails management with statistical graphs
  • Screen rules based on Clients requirements
  • Reports for external agencies
  • Automated mail and address merges


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